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Two-Time Chopped Champion Opens NYC Burrito Shop
June 10, 2024, 7:20.45 pm ET


Photos: Will Engelman

Chef Annisha Garcia, hailing from Tijuana, Mexico, has traveled the world refining her skills while celebrating her Mexican and Venezuelan roots. A proud New Yorker since 2016, she has forged a career with a stellar reputation for her honest and diverse flavor range, earning accolades from peers, clients, and TV judges alike, including her title of two-time 'Chopped' champion on the Food Network.

Now Garcia is launching Son Del North, offering burritos styled off of Northern Mexico, with no rice, just beans, putting the emphasis on other fillings all wrapped up in a traditional flour tortilla.

The menu features a half-dozen burritos including Carne Asada, which pays homage to the famous percherón from Sonora, to the Pollo Asado, reminiscent of the classic “cooler burrito” from Tijuana. The vegan Papas & “Chorizo” made with cauliflower chorizo using a special spice blend. The Camarón Ranchero is a shrimp burrito influenced by the coastal cuisine of Sinaloa. The menu also features a classic Bean & Cheese. Each burrito is wrapped in a prized Sonoran flour tortilla.

Visitors will also find an assortment of toppings like guacamole, homemade refried beans, salsa, and a selection of traditional sides like heirloom totopos, escabeche and creamy Serrano sauce, as well as drinks like aguas frescas and Mexican sodas.

To celebrate its opening on Thursday, June 13, 2024, Son Del North (177 Orchard St) will offer half-price burritos from 3pm-6pm with a limit of one per customer. For more information, visit