Wagyu is the Star at Esora Omakase in East Village

September 29, 2021, 5:59.05 pm ET  

Esora Omakase, East Village, Wagyu Sashimi
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Omakase is traditionally associated with sushi, but at Esora Omakase, high-end wagyu specialist J-Spec is serving a tasting menu that highlights wagyu beef, as well as tempura, at a counter seating up to 7 guests. Simply meaning “up to the chef,” omakase is not restricted to specific ingredients, however, meat is not traditionally used in tempura.  

Esora Omakase, East Village, Wagyu Tempura

Esora Omakase is the first and only place in NYC serving wagyu tempura (above). Chef Koichi Endo creates and cooks the entire meal himself, showcasing different cuts and types of wagyu from Japan.

The meal starts with Sakizuke of three seasonal appetizers like Corn Tofu with grilled corn, wasabi and soy; Tartar of Ozaki Wagyu with Uni, and Hokkaido Scallop with Caviar. It’s followed by Sashimi of fish like sea bream and chu-toro fatty tuna, then a duo of Wagyu Sushi (one piece raw and the other torched over rice nigiri style).

Esora Omakase, East Village, Wagyu Sushi

Multiple pieces of tempura, including shrimp heads, seasonal vegetables and mushrooms, are also offered.  The omakase menu is $185 with an optional sake pairing for $85.

Esora Omakase, East Village, Shrimp Head Tempura

Esora Omakase is located at 239 E. 5th St. (next door to J-Spec), New York, NY

For more information, visit jspec-ny.com/esora-omakase 

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