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Whole Roast Duck Ssäm Returns to Momofuku
May 14, 2024, 12:03.32 am ET


Photo: Momofuku

Whole Roasted Duck Ssäm, a large format meal that first debuted at Ssäm Bar in 2011, is now being revived at Noodle Bar Uptown, as part of the larger celebrations honoring Momofuku’s 20th anniversary. It’s a special meal that is perfect to enjoy with groups celebrating Father’s Day, graduations and all-around summertime gatherings.

The whole duck (from Crescent Farms in Long Island) is dry-aged for one week, before being stuffed with duck and pork sausage, and roasted. The breasts are sliced, while the legs get fried for further crispiness. The Whole Roasted Duck Ssäm platter is filled with duck fat rice, scallion pancakes, lettuce, hoisin, Korean-style barbeque sauce and crispy shallots.

The Whole Roasted Duck Ssäm is $225 and serves 4 – 6 people. It’s available for dinner daily via Resy, with reservations offered at 6pm and 8pm. Guests must ensure they select a “Whole Duck Ssäm” reservation when booking at least 2 days in advance.