303 Bond Street

303 Bond Street

Photo: Cititour.com

Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
Type of Place: Dance

CompanyXIV's resident rehearsal and performance
space at 303 Bond Street experienced a major
renovation last summer. Originally purchased as an old tow truck warehouse,
the space transformed into a beautiful dance space
with the addition of a new skylight, refurbished
ceiling, state of the art dance flooring, and
beautiful front windows. The renovation of the
space caught the attention of Carroll Gardens
residents, enticing their interest in the
activities of the Brooklyn dance community.
The space is available for rent for rehearsals,
classes, and art showings.
For further information, please contact
kate@companyXIV.com   - David Gibbs/DARR Publicity 5-8-08

303 Bond Street
303 Bond Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231