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A&G Merch

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Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Type of Place: Home Furnishings


As the weather cools and we shift indoors, we need reminders that the move can be cozy and comfortable rather than claustrophobic. Enter local home-furnishings shop A&G Merch, with a fabulous selection of stuff to lighten the process of hunkering down. The shop describes its wares as having an "urban, youthful energy." I agree but would add that they are generally beautiful and often have a sense of whimsy.

As a huge Scrabble fan, I loved the mugs featuring letters in the classic Scrabble font (complete with the points the letter is worth in the game), $14. A wall hook adorned with  three cheerful carved birds is $17; continuing this theme, ceramic cups sporting varieties of birds (one bird per cup) in vivid colors are gorgeous and extremely reasonable at $9 (for an instant uplift, check out the blue jay!). In addition, a lush pillow embroidered with an elegant owl ($59) could be a truly "wise" purchase for yourself or an owl-loving friend. Lovely cotton tea towels will brighten any kitchen and are $12 each; my favorite ones here featured fairy-like mermaids. And to make key-finding easier and a lot more fun when you do have to leave your home, there's a wooden keychain in the shape of a huge key ($16). To add a personal touch to any gift, cute lapel pins in lovely script are here to represent each letter of the alphabet ($22 each).

Baby, it might be getting cold outside, but these home accessories will help warm heart and hearth. And of course, the holidays are coming around (sooner than you might think; Chanukah is in early December this year). The pretty and well-crafted items here seem guaranteed to bring smiles of the season.

  - Pamela Grossman; Oct 16, 2012

A&G Merch
111 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388 1779