Alexander Berardi

Alexander Berardi

Photo: Dan Lecca

Neighborhood: West 30s
Type of Place: Designers

Native New Yorker Alexander Berardi gave life as a college business major, at southern Vanderbilt University, a shot but realized quickly that he missed his home and wanted to be an artist. He hightailed it back to NYC's Parsons, left there early too (to apprentice with fashion legend Kenneth Cole), and just presented his second show for New York's fashion week—at the tender age of 23. A business major was not in Berardi's cards; but, as it turns out, starting a business was.

There was a lot of talk during fashion week about a few things: model Coco Rocha, the latest in a string of stunners to reveal that she was fired as a model for being too fat (Rocha is currently a size 4); the fact that as of next season, the shows will be held near Lincoln Center rather than at Bryant Park (honestly, though I have been to some lovely shows in the Bryant Park tents, I support this: The park is for everyone, and the February shows require the early dismantling of the park's skating rink, while the September shows lop several lovely park-going days off the season for New Yorkers who just want to eat lunch in the sun); and, most of all, the suicide of design star Alexander McQueen (horribly tragic all around). But amid all the chatter, fashion life went on, and Berardi's show was a glimpse of a newbie with the poise of a veteran.

Rosettes were a detail of choice here, appearing on suspenders, pants, and hats as well as all over one dress. Skinny pants live on, and they look good—but you *don't* have to be smaller than a size 4 to wear them. The overall look was luxe—siver, black, plum, and red pieces that you'd wear to a fabulous party or an extremely fashionable office but not to run any errands or do anything that might involve cooking. Hearkening back to the 80s, hair was crimped; and the style looked fresh again. I especially liked a red and black mini dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves and the finale outfit, a beaded halter gown in a champagne color (not the most practical, perhaps, but gorgeous).

Granted, it's just now finally getting warmer, and you probably don't want to think too much about what you'll be wearing next fall. But a look at Berardi's designs can inspire your spring choices too; elegant lines and beautiful materials will always be in style.   - Pamela Grossman; March 8, 2010

Alexander Berardi
545 8th Avenue
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New York, NY 10018
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