American Apparel UES

American Apparel UES


Neighborhood: East 60s
Type of Place: Women's Clothing Lingerie


All American Apparel’s look the same, right? Wrong. The American Apparel on the Upper East Side is not your traditional shop for trendy basics. Sure, the merchandise is the same as the others, with additional styles and sizes here and there, but this spacious and incredibly neat and organized sect of the stuffy downtown stores allows plenty of room to shop, with a wide, uncrowded floor for each gender. On top of the comfortable atmosphere, and ample dressing room space, the staff is wonderfully accommodating, a pleasant surprise given their employee’s arrogant reputation.

As you enter the Upper East Side American Apparel, the women’s section sits to your left. Outfits are matched for you and manikins are spread about with combination ideas for the indecisive shopper. Combos include cute crop tops that will cost you between $22-$40 and high-waisted shorts in a variety of washes for $58. The lingerie section was currently holding a 2 for $25 sale on their lace intimates, while the basic section in the men’s department, a few steps up, offered basic t-shirts for 2 for $30 and underwear 3 for $30.

Aside from their infamous tees and sweatshirts, American Apparel is also great for fun accessories like retro sunglasses, Casio wristwatches, hair scrunchies, and even reusable Bobble water bottles.  They also bask in theme wear, namely during holiday months such as July, where a vast assortment of star spangled merchandise is available at an affordable price. 

If your itching to restock your wardrobe with comfy tees and sweatshirts, as well as hip outfits, then a visit to this American Apparel on the Upper East Side is worth the subway fare uptown.

  - Caitlin Colford; Aug 9, 2012

American Apparel UES
1090 Third Ave (64th St)
New York, NY 10021
(212) 772-7462