American Globe Theatre

American Globe Theatre


Neighborhood: Times Square
Type of Place: Theaters

Established in 1989,and the longest-running classical theater in Midtown, American Globe Theatre (AGT) was launched by Producing Artistic Director John Basil. Mr Basil is a professional theatre director and acting teacher, with a core group of actors drawn from the Riverside Shakespeare Company's summer tours. "We wanted to find a new way to invigorate the performances of Shakespeare, so the human themes of his plays would be accessible and entertaining for audiences of all ages.

The AGT ensemble works with an innovative, historically-based approach to the language and staging called the First Folio Technique, using Shakespeare's "First Folio" edition of 1623. Shakespeare's plays originated in a time when the audience was more attuned to the spoken word; therefore his plays are crafted to engage the ear. The Folio's idiosyncratic punctuation, spelling, alliteration, and capitalization reveal the author's intentions, and the script is used as a blueprint or "musical score" for language, gesture, and blocking. The result: Everybody "gets" it, even children. Notably, it also works for contemporary plays.   - Jon Hoche 1/19/10

American Globe Theatre
145 West 46th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036