Angel's Share

Angel's Share


Neighborhood: East Village
Type of Place: Bars Lounges

Angel’s Share: two words that sound pleasant but draw a fuzzy blank in terms of meaning. My understanding, however, is that there was once an angel who decided to devote her celestial talents to mixology. And at a discreetly tucked away bar in the East Village, said angel shares her gifts with those in need of liquid salvation.

Salvation, of course, is not without its trials; to reach Angel’s Share, one must first take the stairs up to Village Yokocho, a yakitori restaurant on Stuyvesant Street. Once up top, hang a left to find an unmarked door opening onto a dark, wood paneled haven of small tables, quiet murmurs, and a mural of cherubs lounging in the clouds. Pay no heed to the naked children and attend to the thick binder of a menu the waiter has given you.

The cocktail menu at Angel’s Share is foolproof, rewarding the curious with drinks such as Stormy Weather, Evidence, and a bacon infused whiskey that will remain regrettably unnamed due to this bar’s ability to subtly inebriate. Experiment with the selection, but above all, read the descriptions in the menu – written in an exuberant first-person that would be corny if it didn’t sound so genuine in its pursuit and respect for making great drinks.

The ambience is quite commendable, and the staff irreproachable. The muted lighting focuses vision on the glowing racks of bottles and the Renaissance-esque mural above the bar counter. My favorite spot is by the windows, looking onto 3rd Avenue. One sees the East Village as the intensely living tableau that it is, without the noise and commotion below. The bar also has a slightly secluded back room, with added intimacy in a venue that already practically demands PDAs (luckily this does not seem to occur too much).

Bear in mind, though, that these heavenly delights are only for the few. Angel’s Share limits its service to parties of four or less.
  - Eric Wang

Angel's Share
8 Stuyvesant St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777-5415