Angelo Lambrou

Angelo Lambrou

Photo: Joann Jovinelly

Neighborhood: East Village
Type of Place: Bridal Gowns Designers

Clothing designer Angelo Lambrou, who specializes in highly fashionable custom-tailored bridal couture, can only be described as a man whose sole mission is to celebrate women. Brides-to-be come into his atelier and immediately feel as though all of their needs are being considered. It’s quite a different experience than buying an ordinary off the rack dress, even by a big name designer. What you get at Angelo Lambrou is a one-of-a-kind experience. What results from that journey is a dress specifically tailored for you in ways that accentuate your body and make you feel even more attractive on what may be the most important day of your life.

One gets the impression that Lambrou takes his job very seriously. He is passionate about designing and takes great pride in seeing women outfitted in his dresses. Born in Southern Africa to Greek Cypriot parents, Lambrou was educated both in Johannesburg and London, but returned to Africa to create and distribute his own line. His big break came in 2000 when he was commissioned to produce a line of dresses for the Miss Universe pageant. Afterwards, he came to New York and has since made a name for himself with his stylish, classic bridal gowns.

“Getting to know each one of my customers is a personal process,” Lambrou says, “we form a connection, a bond. They take me on a trip and their bodies are like their individual stories—I want to show off their best assets.” And he does. Modern silhouettes in luxury silks make up most of the current collection, which was inspired by origami. The dresses feature Lambrou’s signature—ribbons of silk woven and intertwined around the waist and layers of intricate pleating and asymmetrical designs—creating sophisticated yet simple silhouettes that are as edgy as they are classic.

Above all, Lambrou wants women to feel a sense of individuality while wearing his designs. He wants them to feel empowered and confident. He thinks that brides are getting back to a time when they realize the importance of experiencing a journey of self discovery when helping to create their unique dress, a process that generally takes about six months, though exceptions can be made if you have less time.

And his fans are legion. One glance online yields an impressive selection of reviews that tout Lambrou’s patience, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality materials. Best of all, he and his lovely assistant Laura will guide you through the process in a warm, comfortable environment that is cozy and calming. They might even offer you a glass of wine during your fitting, which incidentally, is done in the most private of settings surrounded by comfortable plush chairs and lots of crushed red velvet drapery. It’s like being queen for a day.

If searching through the current designs doesn’t immediately result in a perfect match, Lambrou is pleased to combine elements of other designs in the collection to better suit your tastes, helping you customize the wedding dress of your dreams. What for many is a daunting experience is made much richer in a tiny East Village bridal shop with a loyal following—some calling Lambrou one of New York City’s best kept secrets.

Tuesday – Friday, Noon-8PM, Saturday, Noon-6PM, or by appointment

  - Joann Jovinelly

Angelo Lambrou
96 East Seventh Street
New York, NY 10009
(212) 460-9870