Any Old Iron

Any Old Iron


Neighborhood: Long Island City
Type of Place: Women's Clothing


A modern store with antique décor and clothing straight from the streets of the United Kingdom’s punk movement during the 1970’s is the best way to describe Lower East Side boutique, Any Old Iron.   

Dim lighting and vintage typewriters strewn throughout Any Old Iron provides a library feel as you sift through leather jackets with metal studs ($1,000), tattered “God Saves the Queen” tees by Sons of Heroes ($85), and appropriately enough, Sex Pistols’ Sid Viscous graphic tees by Rum Knuckles ($60).

The women’s selection is small, but encompasses the same UK punk rock theme nonetheless. A front rack of women’s wear features a Vivienne Westwood dress ($300) and a jacket by Reign decorated with the British flag ($625), while in the rear, three racks of t-shirts -- ripped, distressed, tattered, and stamped with everything from religious scenes and big bird -- are unisex.

Don’t miss out on the funky accessories that are hidden throughout on end tables, namely the two cases that includes a collection of vintage glasses for $40 a pair and various pocket watches.

  - Caitlin Colford

Any Old Iron
149 Orchard St
(Rivington & Stanton St)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 254-4404