Apt. 141

Apt. 141

Photo: Cititour.com

Neighborhood: East Village
Type of Place: Women's Clothing

On a warm and humid afternoon (as I said in my last column, summer is
*not* over!), my energy was revved by the sight of an outdoor rack with
cheerful dresses and blouses swaying in the slight breeze. I'd found
Apt. 141, a cute and cozy shop that's home of creations from the design
label 3Free.

The shop was devoted to vintage until 4 years ago, when the 3Free label
was born; though vintage shoes and accessories, as well as some
vintage pieces (and items from other designers), are still represented. I
loved the kimono-style print dresses ($118) and the solid-color smocks
with print necklines ($138), both great for now and through the fall.

Summer items that will transition perfectly into early fall include a
green and black striped wrap dress (was $118, now 30% off); a
seafoam-green blouse from Toi et Moi with a beautiful neckline that references
frothing waves ($48); and a brown and white geometric-patterned wrap
dress (30% off $118). And then there's the above-mentioned outdoor sale
rack, with dresses priced at $45 and tops for $25. Here I loved--well,
just about all of it, but the brown-and-white A-line dress, the
black-and-white kimono-style dress, and the semi-wrap dress in various shades of
blue seemed most likely to transition well into the coming season. (All
will work well on their own now and over leggings or jeans later on).

A shop customer was trying on a terrific swiss-dotted long-sleeve
minidress with a floral pattern (on sale for $73), and it looked smashing.
You can imagine these clothes working for the office, after-work drinks,
evenings when you've got tickets to the theater or the ballet--they've
got loads of style, but they're practical, too--and, like the store,
they've got a friendly vibe.

Note: Speaking of friendly--well, Fashion Week is in full swing, and
unfortunately, it's not generally known for its warm spirit. If you're
going, a few quick tips:

1) Bring a friend, if possible, or at least something to read; shows
start late, so there will be down time.

2) Never get caught in attitude. Just because the woman in front of you
is rude doesn't mean you should be. Just because the security guard is
barking orders like a prison guard doesn't mean you should therefore
snarl at the stranger beside you...and so on. Be the gracious one.

3) Tell the truth at all times. Lying about your seat or your presence
on a list rarely works; but leveling politely with everyone will earn
you respect (and, often as not, a standing-room slot if you're not on
the list after all). Have fun!   - Pamela Grossman; Sept 9, 2007

Apt. 141
141 E. 13th St.
New York, NY 10003
(212) 982-4227