Babesta Cribz

Babesta Cribz


Neighborhood: Tribeca
Type of Place: Kids


Babesta Cribz gives a whole new meaning to the word “playah”. For mommies and daddies squeezing in their last few weeks of work around the Financial District before baby pops, Babesta offers a perfect spot to purchase those last things needed to tidy up baby’s nursery before the big entrance. Whether for getting an early start on your baby’s hipster wardrobe (Babesta is the seller of the original hipster–child tee) or for purchasing bigger ticket items like cribs and changing tables, this trendsetting tot spot is your go-to.

Although it’s been more than a decade since my own rugrats were practicing how to climb out of their playpens, I do have a friend with her own 18-year commitment on the way (which happens to be baby #2 so I really have to get creative on this one). I have made a few stops into Babesta trying to find the ideal gift for who is probably one of the coolest moms on Earth – and though I haven’t made the purchase yet, I am happy with the options I’ve settled on so far.

Yes, they carry the staples when it comes to high-quality, stylish designers like Uppababy, Baby Bjorn, Auggie and Dwell Studio. But what I love most about Babesta is their ultra-hip collection of items exclusive to their shop, particularly their punky tees ranging in graphics with shout outs to The Ramones, Blondie (they carry the same T but in a dress version, $46, which I would actually buy for myself if they had my size) Nirvana, Sublime, Miles Davis and Pink Floyd, each for $38.

Aside from one of those tees, I will definitely be choosing from their selection of some of the most enlightening collection of lamps I’ve pretty much ever seen. Lighting here can range from $395 for a Jonathan Adler Giraffe Lamp to $44 for a toned-down version of the same design but in a nightlight rather than a full lamp. Adler’s nightlights come in a spectrum of designs from elephants to giraffes to owls and more, cost $44 and are “guaranteed to banish monsters”, as vowed on their website.

Service at baby good stores cannot afford to fail in the least, since they are already dealing with customers with hormones ready to seep out of their ankles – and these salespeople are apparently aware of this. They are more than courteous and ready to help even the moodiest of mommies, and boy, do they know their stuff when it comes to choosing the right items to make both parents and babies as happy as pigs in poo. Return policies are lax, and in the case that a return is in order, the sales people are prepared cheerily to do all in their power to get you the items you need before the baby arrives.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

Babesta Cribz
56 Warren St
(Broadway & Church St)
New York, NY 10007
(646) 290-5508