Banana Republic - Lexington Ave.

Banana Republic - Lexington Ave.


Neighborhood: East 50s
Type of Place: Women's Clothing

Whether you need a classic suit for work, or a classy outfit for a wedding or party, you’re sure to find just the right outfit at Banana Republic. There are multiple locations around the city, and you can always find a wide range of high-quality choices. The stores offer a great balance of options for your entire life, whether you need clothes for work, play, lounging, or evening wear. You can find great basics that you’ll use season after season, like crisp button-down shirts and blouses, luxurious sweaters that dress up or down, and slacks to serve you year round. But you’ll also find “gotta-have-it” outfits in the latest styles and colors of the season, like the current flounced spring skirts in shades of turquoise. A wide range of colorful accessories –shoes, ties, purses, scarves and jewelry –
will round out your closet or add the final touch to an outfit.   - Molly, Summer 2005

Banana Republic - Lexington Ave.
130 E. 59th Street at Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10022
(212) 751-5570