Bare Escentuals

Bare Escentuals


Neighborhood: East 60s
Type of Place: Cosmetics/Perfumes

Leslie Blodget could make a glum girl giddy. Her San Francisco born makeup line finally has a home in New York. You're probably thinking with Bobbi, Laura and MAC - what Manhattanite needs more makeup? TRUST ME this is different.

The shelves here are stocked with foot scrubs, lotions, and a skin care line that's out of this world. But the creme de la creme is the island in the middle of this sea of goodies. It's literally a rainbow of fairy dust. The makeup experts enthusiastically show you how to swirl, tap, and buff your way to a fabulous face. The catch? It's makeup that's not really makeup. The magic is in the minerals. Every little tray is filled with a special mineral concoction that'll give you a baby's glowing complexion.

Must haves: bareMinerals foundation ($25), a full coverage Kabuki brush ($28), a little Giddy Pink to add to your cheeks ($18), and a dash of color to brighten those baby blues ($12/$13). The eyeshadows come in dozens of festive colors. My favorites were Bliss, Pussycat, Desire, Lust, and Radiant Rebecca (likely named after an adoring fan). I didn't empty my pocketbook on this visit. But I may go back on Sunday when the girls start serving Mimosas at 11am.

Leslie Blodgett, CEO of Bare Escentuals, makes appearances several times a year to sell her line of natural makeup and body care on the QVC shopping network. Between those shows, and her shops in trendy shopping areas across California, she’s garnered a cult following. Her line of Bare Minerals makeup is made from pure, crushed minerals, and the claim is that you could even sleep in it without doing any harm to your skin. She and her products aim to do away with the harsh look of heavy, overdone makeup, and instead use makeup to enhance womens’ natural beauty. Sound intrigued? Step into the small shop and let one of the trained employees give you a makeover. Whether you decide to adopt the whole skincare regimen, or just to pick up a few eyeshadow colors, you’ll be impressed: one of the perks of this line of makeup is it’s adaptability: many of the items are interchangeable and can be applied as eyeshadow, or eyeliner, or on the lips… enjoy the possibilities! – Molly, Summer 2005

Bare Escentuals
1140 Third Avenue1140 Third Avenue
(btwn 66th & 67th)
New York, NY 10021
(646) 537-0070