Neighborhood: East 30s
Type of Place: Lounges

I'm not sure yet if I'm a believer or not, but I was drawn into the Believe Lounge by the red glow eminating from the window.

Inside, you'll find a winding lounge that resembles a place where you would be more apt to find a palm reader than a bartender. The walls are lined with gypsy art and frilly shalls and lace. Drinks here are called Magic Potions and have names like "High Priestess" and "Your Majesty" served in Egyptian glasses. I sampled "Heaven," a blue mojito that was a tad too sweet and not too strong for $13. But it comes with entertainment. On the night I visited there was belly dancing, which I'm told by owner Chynna (pron: China) occurs every Tuesday and Thursday. Chynna, who told me she has "powers", calls it a "cool place to chill."

Believe is kinda cool, but I was somewhat taken back by the sign near the coat rack that read, "Hang up your fxxxing coat." I kinda had the feeling something bad might happen if I didn't. But I survived!   - Thomas Rafael

1 East 36th St (near 5th Ave)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 481-4955