Betsey Johnson – UWS Boutique

Betsey Johnson – UWS Boutique


Neighborhood: West 70s
Type of Place: Women's Clothing Shoes

Betsey Johnson came into her own as a designer during the pop art craze of the 1960’s, within the Andy Warhol world of all things cutting edge and offbeat. She continues to stay true to her roots today and famously pumps out costume-like designs year after year, all while continuing to utilize her signature leopard print, as made popular in 1960’s bohemia.

Walk into Betsey Johnson’s Upper West Side boutique and enter a world of pink: a two floor vivacious store that could pass for somewhat of a night club. Johnson’s shops attract customers merely looking to browse fun, funky clothing and sky high pumps they can only dream of pulling off. If this sounds like your cup of tea, or merely something you’d like to see for yourself, then a trip to Betsey Johnson’s boutique is a must.

Famous for club wear and red-carpet mini dresses, Johnson’s Columbus Avenue shop offers an array of wild and fun outfits. The few racks of clothing seem to be separated into categories (edgy prepster, club kid, and business woman with a wild side). The prepster route brings you cropped cardigans, silk blouses, and mini skirts in soft, pastel colors. Turn around and you’re hit with all things leopard print that is featured on sleeveless, black mini dresses with toile edging as well as within Johnson’s famous “Biggie Tees,” which will run you just under $100. The “Little Black Dresses,” emphasis on the word little, are meant for said wild business woman or even a night out on the town and can run you anywhere from $250-$468, depending on the style, cut, and fabric.

Betsey Johnson also offers her own fragrance, sunglasses, hair accessories, and costume-esque jewelry, all mainly stamped with pink roses and pink lipstick kiss marks. Her small, yet funky shoe selection on display is definitely something to take a look at. Flat lovers beware: you won’t find anything under a 5” heel in this store.

As you climb the winding staircase of the lofty boutique, you make your way to the sale section, as well as an area with additional, large dressing rooms. The 50% off sale was decent, but top designs were not plentiful. If you’re a fan of her funky tee shirts, then this is the perfect spot to grab yourself one.

Even if you’re not a shopaholic, or into barely there clothing, stores like Betsey Johnson make browsing fun, in an amusement park type way.   - Caitlin Colford

Betsey Johnson – UWS Boutique
248 Columbus Ave (72nd St)
New York, NY 10023
(212) 362-3364