Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
Type of Place: Women's Clothing


Not to tweet my own horn, but I’m proud to be a consumer of Bird. Yes, partly because I am frugal enough to budget myself in a fashion that allows me to occasionally assuage my indulgent ego when it comes to chic, en vogue threads – especially when it means finding high-quality clothing worth the high-cost.

So, yes, Brooklyn’s Bird is definitely a bit on the pricey end of the looking-good spectrum. But the clothing you will find at this store is well worth sacrificing Starbucks for a spell in order to land an addition to your wardrobe that will no doubt make you feel bold, beautiful and abundant, regardless of your rental arrears.

Bird is heaven-sent for anyone looking to land some of the trendiest additions to your closet – including uncommon (meaning totally cool) labels like Loeffler Randall, Me & Ro, and more. And the coolest thing: Bird supports and makes it a priority to display lines created from Brooklyn-based designers, which makes me feel super happy to support the borough that  I consider to be the hub of NYC.

And there's a lot more to Bird than meets the eye, including a diverse collection of clothes and accessories for both men and women.  There is also jewelry and home décor, too. The last time I flew into Bird, I was in search of some unique décor having just moved into a new apartment. And bookworm that I am, my favorite item (which I bought) was a pair of Owl bookends ($162.00). I was also drawn to their shoe collection, and found myself drooling over a pair of ballerina flats (leather, black grosgrain flats that were super comfy but a little too pricey at $245.00, especially since I’d just sprung for the owls).

The shop itself flaunts a minimal design décor – a siren song for any Brookynite – and you can’t help but feel wealthy simply having walked through the door. If you visit Bird, be prepared to fall in love and wanna spill out your wallet, because you will undoubtedly find yourself adding frantically to your mental wish list. You’ll see items that will have you re-budgeting yourself by morning in order to return as quickly as possible to purchase some of the most beautiful, high-quality, and trendiest items you could ever imagine.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

220 Smith St (at Butler St)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 797-3774
(718) 797-3775 fax