Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Bite Beauty Lip Lab


Neighborhood: South Village
Type of Place: Cosmetics/Perfumes


Lipstick is highly personal. What can be just a quick swipe across the lips before heading out, can be a staunch expression of who we are and how we feel about ourselves. But it’s difficult to find that perfect shade! I've had at least a dozen tubes of lipstick all in the same raspberry-colored range, yet none of them seemed to be the precise shade that would enhance my features, skin tone and personality…until I heard about Bite Beauty Lip Lab. Holy cosmetics, Batman, this place is heaven.

Think laboratory meets high school chemistry class meets SoHo. Then think, “I will walk out of this store with a customized lipstick, a new skill and a revamped appreciation for science”. Here, you can create a customized tube of lipstick in just seven minutes at a totally reasonable price. And all ingredients are organic, food-grade like beeswax, Argan oil, shea butter and FDA-approved colorants.

The Toronto-based store is a small, sterile space filled with natural light and lined with clear glass jars and beakers showcasing small globules of pigment that resemble tasty treats like chocolate truffles: no coincidence, as the process for making your own lipstick simulates the process of making chocolate.

In a nutshell, here’s how it goes:

1.       Pick your color combo (the 25 hues to choose from range from sheer nude to crimson red) and hand it to your tech (every tech at Bite is extremely patient, knowledgeable and will never make you feel rushed or unimportant), who will melt it down in a microwave.

2.       Choose your scent (vanilla bean, cherry, mint, mango, citrus, and rose are just a few of many offered). At this point you will also choose your texture like matte or creamy which will play a part in determining the price of your creation on top of the $28 base price..

3.       Place your mixture in a centrifuge for mixing

4.       Pour the mixture into a lipstick tube for molding

5.       Extract your handcrafted tube of lipstick

Prices at Bite range from about $28 - $48, mostly depending on the finish of your choice. Luminous, sheer, matte and crème finishes are $36. Crème deluxe is $48. You can also choose a shimmer add-on like gold, silver or bronze for $6 each. If these prices seem high to you, remember you are not just paying for a customized cosmetic, but for a one-of-a-kind, unique experience, too. My deep plum with a luminous finish and rose gold add-on cost me $45. I could not be happier with the results.

Appointments at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab are not necessary, however walk-ins can result in disappointment having to work around a lot people in such a small space. Also, they are not open 7 days a week, so check ahead if you do decide to drop in. Whenever you do go, relish the deep empowerment that comes along with making your own choices and feeling good about yourself –  two ingredients for looking as stunning as you are.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

Bite Beauty Lip Lab
174 Prince St (Thompson St & Sullivan St)
New York, NY 10012
(646) 484-6111