Blessed Peacemakers

Blessed Peacemakers


Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Type of Place: Women's Clothing


I don’t know what’s more appealing in this adorable Lower East Side boutique: the cozy Moroccan-inspired lounge area perfect for shop-till-you-droppers like me, or their absolutely fabulous inventory splashed with bright, festive colors that seemed to have seeped straight from the Middle East into the fabrics of their clothing.

While a bit on the pricey end of the budget rainbow, the quality and design that you will find at Blessed Peacemakers is totally worth it. Clothing selections can range from $40 - $200 +, while accessories run between about $10 - $80 and jewelry falls in the $70s and up range. Shockingly (and blessedly), the shoes here are appear to be the least costly items you will wade through in this boutique. The dresses here are so extraordinary, in fact, that I would even consider recommending them for a non-traditional choice of wedding “gown” for either a casual or formal summer wedding.

The sales staff, particularly a young woman named Jaime, is usually my go-to whenever I step into this shop. She is not only helpful and patient, but knows her stuff when it comes to this type of exotic clothing, which I am a novice at (tunic dresses do not fit like regular dresses do), and I would recommend seeking her out if you ever find yourself in need of an exotic “stylist” consultation at Blessed Peacemakers.

The store is run by Yumi Kim designer Kin Phan who has made it her mission to carry a multicultural line from fun, flirty dresses to the most embellished, sequined tunics that you've ever laid eyes on. The designers handpick their housewares collection which can carry price tags both for the budget shopper and the consumer for whom price is no issue. For instance, last time I was there I spotted an irresistible (but not so irresistible that I could afford it) sequined rug for $1,000 with matching pillows at $135 each as well as a leather-tufted wooden bench that cost a whopping $4,000.

As for my own retail therapy, I have purchased a few items from Blessed Peacemakers including a Dolce Vita ikat-print frock for $198, and a set of variegated bangles at 18 bucks a piece. Believe it or not, I also bought a set of wooden salad tossers (one of those items that says to you, “you don’t really need me, but buy me anyway") for $45, and it is a purchase I do not regret at all for all of the compliments I have received on the, particularly when I am hosting one of my infamous vegetarian dinner parties.

Blessed Peacemakers is known for offering a 30% discount at the mention on a birthday and even hosts happy hour on Fridays, the times of which I am unsure but am certain the staff will gladly provide you information for should you inquire. 

  - Janice Bevilacqua

Blessed Peacemakers
149 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002
(646) 861-2780