Photo: Blueberi

Neighborhood: DUMBO
Type of Place: Women's Clothing Designers

I was on my way to my craft group (yes...after years of writing about local creations, I have finally jumped across the line and started creating some!) in Dumbo when I came across Blueberi—which offers, yup, one-of-a-kind, gorgeous, locally made clothing and jewelry. I have to credit the creative and inspiring craftspeople of NYC with opening the door for my own work; I so loved discovering their work that finally I needed to take the leap and try my hand. Meanwhile, a heap of "thanks for nothing" goes to my elementary school art teacher, who was highly critical of most of her students and certainly of me. I came out of her classes thinking I couldn't make anything. That was incorrect. I've heard that she left teaching and now sells real estate, which is some consolation to me.

But anyway: Blueberi is a lovely shop with a "sister" branch, Redberi, on Flatbush Avenue—and, very excitingly, the deal-filled Beri Outlet on Prospect Place. A local design line called Sweet William is featured heavily at Blueberi; the designer started out in jewelry but then branched into clothing more recently. I loved a Sweet William grey miniskirt with white embroidery and pockets ($195); a violet chiffon dress with hand-sewn slip detail and a scarf-or-sash accessory (also Sweet William; $398); and Sweet William dresses made from sari fabrics (in mini-, knee-, and floor lengths; varying prices, starting at about $160). And Sweet William's "big heart" necklace is hard to resist: chunky lucite heart pendants in gold, pink, red, purple, and blue on an equally chunky chain ($82).

In other designer's work, I loved a deconstructed beige sweater in light wool from Reneer ($155); Lauren Moffatt's champagne-colored sheer blouse with gold buttons ($110); Mimi and Coco cotton tops (various prices from about $50), which were praised up and down by shop staff for their ability to hold up after multiple washes and seasons. A few vintage pieces are in the mix as well, like a white, red, and black floral blouse ($88) great for work and also after-work festivities.

I headed out of Blueberi impressed with the selection, coveting several pieces, and even more inspired to create special items. And if you happen to see my elementary school art teacher, you can tell her my creative life is coming along just fine.   - Pamela Grossman

143 Front Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 422-7724