Bon Maison Compagnie

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Type of Place: Gift Shops Home Decor

Phew! I dove into plans with paternal relatives, maternal relatives, and 3 sets of friends, in 5 different locations, all within one Thanksgiving weekend. Joyful as it was to connect with everyone, now that I'm home again, I do not feel like leaving for a while. If you're in a nesting mode too—and let's face it, the current NYC weather is nudging us further in that direction—Bon Maison Compagnie has much that you'll be wanting for your home beautification. If holiday guests are expected, they'll love the beautiful detail that items here bring (the store is French-flavored, and we know how flawless the French can be with style). And if you\'re feeling energetic—or at least think you might make a comeback sometime in December—the shop's stock can provide lovely and distinctive hostess gifts.

I was drawn in by dogs—more specifically, by the window display of charming dog pillows ($90), hand woven in Belgium, bearing the faces of pugs, terriers, retrievers, and the like. Once inside, I admired beautifully made dishes, platters, serving bowls, etc., but was especially pulled toward all things yummy-smelling: house-brand soaps, from $6.50, hand-wrapped in the store—available in 19 delicious fragrances, including magnolia and pink grapefruit; Seda France room mist ($23), available in 3 fragrances, including luscious French Tulip; and Bougie D\'Atelier 40–hour candles ($26) in 8 very yummy scents.

My dear friend Donna, along with me for the shopping ride, pointed out ceramic cicadas (from $35): The insects are symbols of happiness in Provence, and these replicas are well-crafted and will bring a decidedly non-generic touch to any mantle or coffee table.

If you're traveling to the home of a stylish hostess, or if you're planning to put said hostess' gift in the mail, allow me to suggest linens as a gift: They aren\'t heavy and certainly won't shatter. The tea towels, dish towels, and place mats here are tasteful and sweet, with holiday-themed print options available, like evergreens and candy canes.

And speaking of which, next to the register is the real thing: Sturdy, perfect candy canes in a jar, yours for $3 each. Go ahead and enjoy—they'll help set the mood for happy celebrations, be they far-flung or under your own holiday-bedecked roof.
  - Pamela Grossman; Nov 29, 2009

Bon Maison Compagnie
140 Ninth Ave (at 19th St)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 989-5858