Bond 07 by Selima

Bond 07 by Selima


Neighborhood: NoHo
Type of Place: Vintage Clothing Eyewear


Known for her celebrity favorite, vintage inspired and modern eyewear, Selima’s Village boutique not only features various frames for browsing and trying on, but also a slew of carefully plucked, high-end antiques and vintage clothing, as well as a quaint coffee shop tucked away in the rear. Unless you plan on simply purchasing a coffee, don’t expect to find anything on the inexpensive side here.

This downtown, narrow boutique is a mash-up between an antique store, a library, and an Upper East Sider’s walk in closet. Display cases of vintage jewelry features such rarities as a Cartier watch from the 1960’s, a Hermes sterling silver ring, and a Navajo turquoise necklace from the 1950’s. An assortment of clothing racks hold such gems as an Oscar De La Renta pastel sequined top, a collection of dazzling embroidered dresses from the 1950’s, 1960’s, etc., and an assortment patterned silk blouses.

Other interesting items scattered about the shelves are a range of rare, vintage Hermes luggage, Roberta Di Camerino and Gucci purses, Swarovski Crystal embellished jewelry and a lone horse from an old carousel.

The narrow hallway of Bond 07 features cases full of Selima’s famous eye catching frames. The interestingly named glasses such as the Diego frames, which are named for a famous psychiatrist and the Hubert frames, inspired by a friend of the designer who toured the world on a sidecar, make browsing these sometimes costume-esque glasses fun and entertaining (even if you balk at their $360 price tag).

As you enter the back section of Bond 07 you are transported into Happy Bones’ newly opened coffee shop and bookstore. Deemed an “undercover espresso bar” Happy Bones’ calm and serene environment offers a great deal of space to get some work done after browsing some of the independent publications they have to offer.

With a slew of downtown shops now featuring bars and/or coffee shops within their boutiques, a trend of a shopping hangout has now taken formation.

  - Caitlin Colford

Bond 07 by Selima
7 Bond St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 677-7690