Neighborhood: West 40s
Type of Place: Books Music


Book-Off is a great spot for people looking for books, CDs, DVDs and a lot more on the cheap.  Everything in stock is pre-owned but most items are still in good shape.  I bought a few hard-to-find "Top Gear" series DVDs for my son and was pleasantly surprised by the quality given the relatively low price.

Among the DVDs we spotted selling for $2.50 were "Kill Bill," "Big Momma's House" and "Shrek.".  Even "Brokeback Mountain" didn't break the bank.  A section devoted entirely to TV series included the complete first season of "Murphy Brown" for $15; "Frasier" seasons one-though-five  for $12-$15, while "Futurama" and "That 70s Show" commanded $10 apiece.  "Golden Girls" was bit higher at $15.

From "Get Shorty" to "Get Smart" almost any DVD imaginable can be found at discount prices, including classics like "Miracle on 34th Street" (the original) and Jack Nicholson in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."  Hundreds of CDs also line the walls from Aretha Franklin to Keith Urban, all deserving of a little respect.  I barely touched the surface in that section.

Children's books are plentiful like a complete boxed set of "The World of Peter Rabbit" which did not have a price, but looked good enough to gift wrap, along with lifestyle selections like, "Raising Your Spirited Child," and what pet lover wouldn't want a copy of "Because the Cat Purrs.". There is also a large selection of Japanese books.

Collectibles are not as numerous.  Some looked like good deals, others not so much.  We spotted an unopened "Lord of the Rings" Lego kit for $50 and a boxed "Doggie Doo" pup for $15 (complete with leash).  A Wizard of Oz snow globe with a bright multi-colored wizard in the center went for $15 while a Jesus statue nearby was selling for $20.  And if that's not enough, there are vinyl albums, drinking glasses and tea sets.  Electronics and musical instruments also hit a high note, including a cherry red Gibson electric guitar, which looked pristine, carrying a $1,200 price tag.  The staff here is friendly and helpful, but check the return policy before you buy.  The shop also buys used items.

There is literally something for everyone at Book-Off which makes it a great spot for browsing and buying.

  - J. Lin

49 W 45th St (5th & 6th Ave)
New York, NY 10036
(212) 685-1410