Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville


Neighborhood: SoHo
Type of Place: Women's Clothing


Brandy Melville on Broadway in SoHo is every girl’s dream. Trendy, affordable clothing with a hip vibe and rock feel, teenagers dance around the store screeching over tattered clothing as the bass from the blaring pop music thumps. If you can bear the high-pitched chatter from the young ones, long lines, and rude employees, Brandy Melville is perfect stop for incredibly cheap and stylish tee shirts and accessories.

The small SoHo shop features great pieces and vintage décor that may be lost upon its young audience. Old suitcases and fun trinkets surround Brandy Melville’s Italian made apparel. Sheer, distressed, and mid drift baring tees are the main attraction here, with fun, cropped band shirts from The Kills, Bob Dylan, and about a dozen different Nirvana varieties ($14-$21).

Cute blouses are a must here, even if you are well beyond your teen years, namely the Selma Top ($34), Nixie Knit ($53), and Sage Sweater ($48). Other basics include Brandy Melville’s denim collection, which doesn’t seem like it would fit anyone wearing higher than a size 2.

The line of excited shoppers, who are waiting to pay for their new threads, crowds the wall of fashionable accessories. If you can break through the masses, aside from the tees, this wall may make your shopping trip worthwhile. Colorful bracelets ready for stacking were all under $10, while their low hanging necklaces were priced at $10 on average.

Shopping at Brandy Melville in SoHo may be a task for some, but the cheap and edgy rewards may make up for the headache you’ll leave with.

  - Caitlin Colford

Brandy Melville
83 Spring St
(Crosby St & Broadway)
New York, NY 10012
(310) 394-4800