Brooklyn Music School

Brooklyn Music School


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The Brooklyn Music School views music and performance as the birthright of all people, an essential way that human beings connect with others and explore their creativity. The study of music has been demonstrated to enhance academic learning and helps to develop discipline and confidence that will serve children well throughout their lives. As part of the vision of reinventing the community music school for the 21st Century, BMS is dedicated to: * Making high quality musical instruction approachable and affordable to a wide range of students, * Creating frequent opportunities for performance for our students and cultural enrichment for our community, * Representing a wide range of musical traditions, including European, African, Middle Eastern, and American to represent the diversity of Brooklyn's musical talent, and * Offering a warm and welcoming space for families and individuals to explore new talents and make lasting friendships.   For more information, visit

  - Michelle Tabnick 12.27.2017

Brooklyn Music School
126 St Felix St
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 638-5660