Brooklyn Studios for Dance

Brooklyn Studios for Dance


Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Type of Place: Arts


Launched in May 2015 and led by Artistic Director Pepper Fajans, Brooklyn Studios for Dance is a newly renovated space inside the historic Cadman Congregational Church in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Inspired by a shared reverence for gathering space, the church congregation and the dance community entered a partnership to share a facility. The mission of BkSD is to serve the professional art community while at the same time building a culture of local engagement that responds to the interests of both communities. Since officially opening its doors, BkSD has offered a variety of classes, workshops, presentations and performances to the professional and non-professional community. For its initial launch, BkSD engaged over 500 participants and over 50 teachers and artists

  - Kamila Slawinski 03/21/19

Brooklyn Studios for Dance
210 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238