Carole Stupell Ltd

Carole Stupell Ltd


Neighborhood: Flatiron District
Type of Place: Gift Shops

Carole Stupell is a grand old gift shop that dates back to 1929. When the market was crashing, it was opening and has managed to survive throughout the years by catering to shoppers and corporate clients.

We were drawn in by its elegant Christmas display, which included a porcelain carousel complete with detailed horses, lights and a selection of 14 different songs.
Customers were actually fighting for it when we arrived. There are also hand-blown ornaments. A detailed and quite delicate santa ornament was priced at $29. You'll also find lots of china, flatware, glasses, vases and household items. You name it and they probably have it. In fact, the shop can be a bit overwhelming, but great for browsing and buying.

The owner calls it "FAO Schwartz for adults" and you know he's probably right.   - Thomas Rafael

Carole Stupell Ltd
29 East 22nd Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 2603100