Century 21-Brooklyn

Century 21-Brooklyn

Photo: Cititour.com

Neighborhood: Bay Ridge
Type of Place: Department Stores

It’s been named to the Zagat Guide as both #1 discount store in NYC and the #2 most popular store in NYC, and has trademarked for itself the title “New York’s Best Kept Secret.” These days, the store is equally loved by tourists and New Yorkers. It’s best to go in without a real shopping agenda, that way the bargains can find you; if you go in looking for a particular item, you may not do as well. But, oh, the bargains! Designer and brand name goods for anywhere between 25% and 75% of what you’d pay in other stores – it’s no wonder you see so many people carrying the clear plastic bags on the subway! Here’s a few insider tips for your first trip to Century – 1. If at all possible, go in the non-peak hours (early and mid-morning; mid-afternoons), because it can be chaotic beyond words at lunch hour. Think it’s busy then? Weekends are even crazier! 2. Really committed to finding all of Century 21’s best deals? Check out the lesser-visited store in Brooklyn – the deals just might be worth it!   - Molly, Summer 2005

Century 21-Brooklyn
472 86th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 748-326