Neighborhood: NoLita
Type of Place: Women's Clothing


After a lovely dinner together, my friend Jess and I were wandering through the summer night and admiring shop windows. Jess took a photo of some glittery dresses with her phone and even emailed one of them to me. Do we have a gala invite coming down the pike? Not that we know of. "These are dresses for the future," Jess said. I loved that thinking: You may not need this right now, but keep it mind, as occasions for it could be around the corner.

I was thinking of Jess' words when I came across Charmzoa, a small shop not far from where Jess and I had been wandering. There are some lovely dresses here to keep in mind for the future (or, for that matter, for a mid-August lawn party). And furthermore, most everything is affordable enough that you won't have to set up a special account to cover the bill.

Interestingly, the shop is currently having a sale on both summer and fall items. To me, summer's around for the next month and a half, but if you're someone who wants to look to the fall, you'll have the chance here. For warm weather, I loved a pleated beige knee-length dress with a gorgeous detailed neck and a print of pink roses (on sale for $177.60); a vintage-look coral cotton dress with fabric flowers at the waist (on sale for $92); and a forest-green knee-length dress with a pleated front (wear it in the spring, summer, or fall; and with a cardigan, it's the perfect color for Christmas!), on sale for $120.

For fall, a red wool jacket with a peplum hem (which happens to be a popular shape for Fall 2012) is on sale for $77; and stacks of turtlenecks in purple or maroon are all $15.

The regular-price rack will not disappoint. There's a gorgeous knee-length dress in pink and grey sequins ($70) that will wow a cocktail party or a dance club any night of the year; and I was charmed by a color-block dress in green, black, and coral or red, navy, and fuchsia ($98). Accessories are cute too, like a white-rose-adorned ankle bracelet on a black cord ($9).

The future is out there, full of possibility. Can it hurt to have your eye on a special outfit just in case?

  - Pamela Grossman; Aug 9, 2012

182 Mulberry St
New York, NY
(212) 226-4700