Cog & Pearl

Cog & Pearl


Neighborhood: Park Slope
Type of Place: Jewelry Gift Shops

The whimsical Cog & Pearl bears an Alice-in Wonderland-ish sort of ambiance. As far as what kind of store it is, I find it somewhat un-categorizable, as it is chock-full of some of the most curious items I have ever seen. Truly, there isn't a single item in this store that is not out of the ordinary – it is a one-stop shop for all of your unique gift-giving needs. Caveat emptor: if you are shopping for a gift, be prepared to fall in love with something - or a few things – for yourself as well.

Most of the novelties at Cog & Pearl are handcrafted by local Brooklyn artists – and a lot of the items are designed from recycled material (i.e. watches designed from the leather of used handbags), resulting in a fresh, earthy product line reflecting exquisite artisanship.

Jewelery seems to be Cog's claim-to-fame amongst local shoppers. The collection is huge and features blown glass pendants, silk thread chokers, sterling silver stud earrings, glass drop earrings with plastica flowers, and more. To illustrate just how funky their collection can get, I'll tell you my favorite piece is the “radiolaria necklace” ($40) - a pendant etched from stainless steel in the form of radiolaria, a protozoan made famous by a well-known naturalist illustrator over a hundred years ago. To me, it resembled the lower half of a snowflake – but the woman behind the counter (who was very pleasant to speak with and mirrored the store's overall soothing energy) told me differently.

Other items with just as much éclat are hand soaps in the shape of baby hands (a set of 8 hands come packaged in a sheer organza pouch for $18), pewter figurines (I liked the wishbone for $7), graphite sculptures (shapes include seashells, horns and quills), and clothing articles, too, such as silk ties embroidered with a skull, tree, or robot pattern, and screen-printed T's.

If you visit Cog, make sure to check out their terrariums – they are very surreal, and sure to captivate you. One features a set of miniature sheep roaming about a mossy landscape inside an apothecary jar. Very “Dalί ”, if you ask me! The terrariums range from about $50 - $75.

There's (somewhat) run-of-the-mill stuff like journals, stationery, wallets, and a small selection of books, too – so no matter who you're shopping for, the probability of finding that spot-on purchase is close to perfect!   - Janice Bevilacqua

Cog & Pearl
190 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 623-8200