Collector's Toy Den

Collector's Toy Den


Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Type of Place: Toys

With summer comes big, loud, extravagent summer movies. And with these extravaganzas come--for the young, the young at heart, and perhaps the savvy collector--movie merchandise: action figures, model cars, lunchboxes, and the like.

Stepping in to provide the goods is the Collector's Toy Den. A toy lover's eyes will light up at the extensive stock--though since this stock is condensed into a shop with typical Manhattan space issues, it's hard to know where to look first. (Not all items available are actually in the shop, as there's no way they'd fit; so check the website, too, to see what's up for grabs.)

Just in time for summer '08, there are lots of cars, busts, action figures, etc. from "Iron Man" and the various "Batman" incarnations. A snazzy replica of the 1930s Batmobile (in bright red), for example, is $15; a bank featuring the image of Heath Ledger as the Joker is $7.95; and a sleek-looking Cat Woman bank is on sale for $6 (meow!).

Also timely is a Hannah Montana singing pen (I won't try to explain how, but it plays music), bound to delight girls nationwide while occasionally testing the patience of their parents ($8).

The Peanuts lover in me was instantly drawn to a 6-part Peanuts figure set for $25 (featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Woodstock, and Patty--so sweet, though I hope Marcie, Schroeder, Pigpen, etc. can be purchased separately). Other sets are here too, including a variety pack of Bart Simpsons.

Rock-star action figures are in stock, including John Lennon and Kurt Cobain. I was amused by the Jimmy Page doll ($18)--who knew Led Zeppelin would make it to the action-figure arena? (Then again, Kurt wouldn't have expected to be there either; and John was astonished when he became a doll as a young Beatle.) Just make sure you keep Jimmy away from your Barbies, to avoid an all-night party!

"Wizard of Oz" and "I Love Lucy" magnets ($4 or 3 for $10); Jack in the Boxes (I liked the one of Captian America, $35); newly minted Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, and Beatles lunchboxes (from $12); keychains featuring Betty Boop, Gumby, Popeye, and more ($6); you've got to see it to believe it all.

For the youngest of little ones, "standard" stuffed animals and such (including charming Raggedy Ann and Andy puppets) are available and adorable. I also liked the brightly colored tin tops, $6.50, designed to look like vintage toys and proving once again that a toy doesn't have to beep, flash, or need batteries to be fun.

And fun, for sure, is the bottom line here. Bring your inner child or your actual one for a visit, and enjoy.   - Pamela Grossman; Aug 3, 2008

Collector's Toy Den
206 Avenue B
(betw. 12th and 13th)
New York, NY 10009