Domus Unaffected Living

Domus Unaffected Living


Neighborhood: West 40s
Type of Place: Gift Shops

This is a wonderful shop for holiday gifts that you won't find anywhere else. They have a large assortment of lovely Christmas ornaments. We loved the set of sparkling circus animals, including a lamb and lion, each on their own little pull cart. A set of four sells for $35. There are also hand crafted santas and elves. We also found a very life-like snowball candle that was really neat.

You'll also find lots of gifts for children from hand knit sweaters and doggie backpacks to cute and cuddly stuffed animals selling for $13-$25.

Adults will love the woolen throws for $89 and Brocade pillows for up to $139. And the best thing of all, says the shopkeep, "It's all for sale." We couldn't leave empty-handed, so we purchased a bar of Kshocolat ($7.99), a Scottish chocolate bar, flavored with orange oil and cardamon. It will make a great stocking stuffer for someone special if I can manage to hold on to it until Christmas.   - Sam Sayegh; Dec 10, 2005

Domus Unaffected Living
413 West 44th Street (9th Ave)
New York, NY 10036
(212) 581-8099