Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market


Neighborhood: East 30s
Type of Place: Women's Clothing


Forward fashion has arrived. Conceptual shop Dover Street Market is spreading it's wings beyond Dover street in London and Ginza, Tokyo.

Primarily a retailer for Comme des Garçons, Dover Street Market features some other incredible designer pieces from Nike to Alaia.  Dover street in its entirety is a true work of art with fine jewelry, unique clothing displays, and unusual art pieces woven in like a functioning gallery of minimal luxury. The Rose cafe featured on the ground floor encourages making an afternoon of this experience.

Much like the unsuspecting Dover Street Market in London (its remains the only retail location amongst a street full of offices), it's location on Lexington amidst Curry Hill is the paradox this hidden gem thrives on. Upon arrival at the former Touro College, this columned building, built in 1909, seems an unlikely location for a high fashion shop. Traversing it's several floors via the emergency staircase also encourages a sense of secrecy with an unsuspecting nature, even for those who can only boast of their superb browsing skills.

  - Rachel Sult

Dover Street Market
160 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(646) 837-7750