Eldridge Street Project

Eldridge Street Project

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Neighborhood: Chinatown
Type of Place: Museums

The Eldridge Street Project is preserving the Eldridge Street Synagogue as a site for historical reflection, aesthetic inspiration, and spiritual renewal.

In this powerful setting, programs for adults, school children and families explore cultural continuity and change, instill respect for Jewish traditions and practices, and draw analogies between the Synagogue's immigrant founders and contemporary immigrants.

As steward of this National Historic Landmark, the Eldridge Street Project uses the building as a learning center for exploring architecture and historic preservation, synagogue life and customs; a gathering place for inter-group experiences; and a showcase for art and cultural experiences that draw on Jewish and humanistic themes.   - Eldridge Street Project

Eldridge Street Project
12 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 219-0903