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Erica Weiner Jewelry


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Female owned and run businesses always get an A+ from me. Erica Weiner, however, gets and A++. Her pieces flaunt a panache that truly fascinates – and will look great on – anyone. Erica carries the staples when it comes to bling like earrings, necklaces and bracelets, but she’ll also customize items for you which is much-adorned trade in NYC. Didn’t you know our second state motto is “It’s all about me!”?

What I love most about Erica’s pieces is that they glimmer with an individuality that I’ve yet to come across in any other jewelry collection. Case in point: a brass-chain necklace that mimics the shape of a turned-down shirt collar but is actually two arrows pointing in the opposite direction. The brass chain was created in the 1960’s, and the piece costs $65. To match, purchase EW’s Arrow Studs ($70 and up) or her Arrow Hoops at $50. Looking to spend a bit more? There’s plenty to choose from including what EW calls her Deco Filigree Bracelet with Emeralds and Diamonds. The creation mimics that of work manufactured during the jazz age, is made of 14K white gold and composed of seven links studded with three diamonds and six shimmering trillion-cut emeralds ($2,400).

This actual treasure trove spills over with tons of antique jewelry including pieces flaunting bloodstones, sapphires, garnets, pearls and more. The names of her works speak for themselves. Take the Queen Alexandra Portrait ring ($800), the Raj-Era Jargoon and Silver Cluster Earrings ($550) and the Napoleon III Era Black Enamel Earrings ($725.00). From the Victorian Era to the Modernist Era to contemporary work, Erica’s got what it takes to embellish your already beautiful self.

Now let’s talk about the wedding. If you’re sweating your cufflinks off to find the best piece to impress your hopefully-bride-to-be, EW’s got you covered. Particularly if you’re proposing to a vintage, non-traditional type of gal, you’ll find the perfect way to pop the question here. The ring I glazed over for about an hour (literally) was the 1940’s Stylized Wave Sapphire and Diamond Ring. The Art Deco-ish piece is made of a layered 18K white gold that undulates around the ring mimicking a wave swelling over two diamonds that hug a sapphire. The oceanic shape reeled me in big time and so did the price, at only $650. Simpler rings, like a collection of Art Deco White Gold Bands will run you from about $400 and up), and for the man who’s ready to really splurge, check out the Georgian Rose-Cut Diamond Cluster Ring at $5,400. Of course, all rings can be sized to fit.

If I ever get hitched again, I will demand my beau head to Erica Weiner for my engagement ring – otherwise, all bets are off. Oh – and for kicks, check out Erica’s Blog, which you can find on her website, where you’ll find some uber interesting facts about all of her pieces and stones including the era from which they originated and some photos from back in the day including a roughed-up pic of Marc Bolan and his love, June Child, in 1971. 

  - Janice Bevilacqua

Erica Weiner Jewelry
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