Exit 9

Exit 9

Photo: Cititour.com

Neighborhood: East Village
Type of Place: Gift Shops

The afternoon was cold and dark. The air felt damp, and the wind was
making its way through my jacket. In other words, it was a fairly typical
late-January day here in the city. What a pleasure, then, to visit
Exit9, a warm and witty reminder that fun exists amid the chill.

Need a gift? If your recipient has a sense of humor, you'll be in luck
here. Some amusing choices: A knitting-craft book called "Naughty
Needles" ("Takes your knitting where it's never gone before--into the
bedroom"), $19.95; "I Can't Fight This Feeling," which presents pop-song
lyrics as written poetry ($14.95); a baby onesie reading "My dad's a geek"
($24); and a baby ensemble featuring a sweatshirt that reads, "Someday
I'll get trashed at prom" ($34). For gals who can handle them, there
are sassy-sloganed undies from Spitfire Girl, currently on sale for $12
(including a pair that read "Ride 'Em Cowboy").

If you want to play things a little safer, there's a great assortment
of fridge magnets (the ones shaped as little pieces of cake, 6 for $9,
would be great for a birthday), stationery, jewelry (cute lucite rings
are $8), candles, soaps, and beauty products (including various lotions
and potions from Miso Pretty, which I personally have and love).

Chocolates and candies are well-represented, including "Sour Exes"
lemon drops, $2.50, to get one past the stale taste of a failed
relationship, and Gummy Bacon, $5, which the package reminds you not to fry.

I spent quite a while looking through the "Vegetarian's Guide to New
York" ($17.99); and Gavin Edwards' totally engaging book of music myths
and trivia (called "Is 'Tiny Dancer' Really Elton's Little John?",
though I'm not sure that's the title I would have picked), $13.95, could
have kept me happily occupied for hours.

Fortified by this charming place, I headed back outside. The sky was as
gloomy as it had been, but my outlook felt brighter; even a little bit
of levity and laughter go a long way. Whoever you're shopping for,
don't forget to scoop up something for yourself.
  - Pamela Grossman; Jan 29, 2007

Exit 9
64 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009