Fashions by Jordi Scott

Fashions by Jordi Scott

Photo: Jordi Scott

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A passionate lover of both rock and fashion, designer Jordi Scott burst
onto the scene during Fashion Week with her feisty Fall 2007 line,
which marked her debut collection. A former member of Betsey Johnson's
design team, Scott shares her previous employer's enthusiasm for pop
culture and lighthearted sexiness, but the injection of a
flask-in-the-coat-pocket bad-girl mentality is her own. Though some of her models came
down the runway blowing kisses to the cameras, others unhesitantly gave
photographers the finger.

The pieces in the collection were named for recent pop-culture icons,
mostly from the realm of music. The "Dita dress" was, no surprise,
proudly revealing; the "Kurt jeans" were shown accessorized with handcuffs
hanging from the beltloops. Wigs, thigh-high boots, and gold-lamé high
heels fit right in with the overall look.

I especially admired the stomach-baring "Joan Jacket" paired with gold
leggings, the wearable but sexy "Liv dress" in plaid, and the
excellently named "Pamela dress," a mini in metallic, shown with purple boots.
The "Winona dress," short but somewhat demure, was perfect for those
days when rocker girls have to go to work--or perhaps, if you're Winona,
to court. The fabulous, sequinned "Electra top" and the frisky black and
red flapper-style "Bianca dress," on the other hand, were clearly meant
to be danced in till dawn.

In couture fashion shows, it's traditional for the last model to come
down the runway in bridal wear for the big finish. Scott's "Finale
dress" was a full-length black vinyl creation. Brides enamoured of Goth
style might just flock to it; but I could imagine it most at awards shows
or other red-carpet events, giving its wearers a dose of rocker chic.

Look for Scott's designs in stores nationwide next fall.
  - Pamela Grossman; Feb 12, 2007

Fashions by Jordi Scott
New York, NY