Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet


Neighborhood: Union Square
Type of Place: Books Toys


Forbidden Planet is a treasure trove for collectors of hard-to-find toys, games, books and comics.  It's also a great spot when hunting for a unique gift.  During our visit we spotted a great "Grumpy Cat" stuffed animal, Sailor Moon dolls from Japan and a slew of Star Wars characters, ranging from a few bucks to several hundred for a jumbo Wampa.  Adventure Time figures, including Finn with a rotating face, are hot sellers, along with Game of Thrones.  Other finds include a collection of Charlie Brown drink glasses, Spider-Man ice cube trays, KISS dolls and a Rocky Horror Picture Show handbag.   You will find it next to the Strand Bookstore in the East Village.  Happy shopping!

  - J. Lin

Forbidden Planet
832 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
(212) 473-1576