Furnish Green

Furnish Green

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Neighborhood: West 30s
Type of Place: Antiques/Crafts Furniture


Furnish Green was born when the designer of the New York Wedding Dance Company was praised for the décor of his studio. That designer, Nathan Hescock, was a vintage furniture hobbyist – meaning, he touched up old pieces that he weeded out of estate sales, flea markets, broken down Bed and Breakfast nooks, and more. The hobby eventually morphed into a full-blown retail biz, Furnish Green, where bargain hunters can find everything from polished-up mid-twentieth century treasures to contemporary craftsmanship.

From NYC studio dwellers to upper Westchester-ites in seek of eclectic décor that is expertly touched up and not a dab stripped of its original wonder, shoppers will be pleased with the Hescock collection and undoubtedly find what they are looking for – along with a few pieces they are not looking for.

Furnish Green is abounding with everything from drop-leaf typewriter tables to fully reupholstered couches. Their specialty: bucolic armoires, shelving and side tables flaunting a perfect ratio of shabbiness to modish style. And the “green” element is emphasized by Hescock’s use of non-volatile organic compound lacquers and paints. Plus, half of the earnings made from donated work finds its home at the Nature Conservatory.

Let’s get to prices. Low, low, low. Even lower than those you’ll find at the Brooklyn Flea – with a way more eclectic collection to choose from. I can no longer count on my hands the number of times I have moved around NY, and Furnish Green never fails to take the stress out of the dreadful process of moving and redecorating. I have bought pieces from coffee tables (my favorite is an old trunk-turned-coffee-table, $55), to chairs (I bought a set of four rustic, wooden chairs with heart cut-outs on their backs, $48), credenzas, dressers, mirrors, wall décor a more. You’ll even find unique knick-knack type pieces line wine goblets and such, also at totally reasonable prices.

The staff at FG is friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly, will guide you smoothly through the delivery process. And by the way, unlike a lot of other furniture stores where the delivery cost is “the catch”, you’ll be delighted to find that not to be the case here. Delivery fees are flexible and worth it. Even the guys who actually perform the delivery are pleasant. When I had my chairs delivered they even went the extra mile to bring some of my old pieces to the curb for me. And they didn’t hover around like starved kittens when it came tip-time – which made it all the more a pleasure for me to throw them a little extra.

Caveat Emptor: pieces at Furnish Green vanish in a jif. So if you see something you like, call dibs on that find with a deposit immediately - it won’t be there the next time you visit.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

Furnish Green
1261 Broadway (Ste 505)
(W 31st St and W 32nd St)
New York, NY 10001
(917) 583-9051