Galaxy Comics

Neighborhood: Bay Ridge
Type of Place: Comics

I owe my interest in superheroes to an ex-boyfriend. Not because he was in any way bionic (he lived in a basement apartment with bed sheets for curtains and cinder-block bookshelves), but because he had a stellar collection of comic books. Many a night we shared a frozen pizza and argued over Conan's moral code, marveled at the sleek Silver Surfer, and tried piecing together the story of Diana's true Amazonian origins.

Flash forward to present time. While you will not see me attending any conventions anytime soon, you can trust when I report that Galaxy Comics is a gem of a store. Formerly Mutant Mania 3, it has been a fixture on Bay Ridge's bustling 5th Avenue for over 20 years.

What I like best about this place is that it lacks the standoffish ambiance of some other comic stores throughout NYC and most importantly, you won't get the stink-eye for browsing here! The kids that work here don't consider themselves too cool to answer any of my questions. Even when they are glued to whatever MMORPG they are playing behind the counter, they are always willing to help. A couple times I've asked questions they did not know the answer to each time, they went the extra step of calling their manager for assistance. Holy customer service, Batman!

Besides an impressive collection of comics including back-editions, Galaxy carries a treasure trove of trade books (which are always 10% off ) and if you don't see what you want, they'll gladly special order it. Galaxy also has a nifty stash of collector's items sure to beam you right back into your childhood. R2-D2 and Star Trek lunch boxes ($8.99 each), collectible Wheatie boxes, I Love Lucy knick-knacks, and a porcelain bust of The Little Rascals' Darla and Alfalfa ($31.99) are just a few items. I was particularly fond of a pair of Charlie Brown and Snoopy book ends ($48.99). They also have posters, T-shirts, action figures, and a full line of Pez dispensers.

Galaxy Comics is conveniently located next to a movie theater and many of Bay Ridge's finest restaurants, making it a great place to peek into between meals and show times. Even if you don't feel like browsing, feel free to chill with the store mascot: Dexstar Crona Galaxio quite possibly the fluffiest, most gentle cat in the universe (well, this one, anyway).
  - Janice Bevilacqua

Galaxy Comics
6823 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 921-1236