Gotham Book Mart

This place is closed permanently.

Gotham Book Mart


Neighborhood: East 40s
Type of Place: Books

For 58 years Gotham Book Mart was an institution
on West 47th Street in the Diamond District. J.D. Salinger and John Updike were counted among its many customers in search of hard-to-find novels, dramas, poetry and art books. It was also the perfect place to find interesting coffee table books for gifts.

I used to love searching its shelves for literary gems. But over the years, the stacks of books grew and grew until there was simply no more space. That prompted Gotham to sell its old location and set up shop a few blocks away on West 46th Street. The new bi-level space is quite impressive with its organized shelves and wooden staircase, although I must admit I'll miss the original. It had a sense of history and adventure and a musty smell to match. But the quality of the books is the same, and now easier to find.

One thing hasn't changed. The old Gotham signs is back - "Wise Men Fish Here." They will probably continue to fish here for some time to come.   - Sam Sayegh

Gotham Book Mart
16 East 46th Street
(Bet. Fifth & Madison)
New York, NY