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Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
Type of Place: Housewares Bath & Body

OK, you've got one week. *Not* one week left of summer; the season goes till the end of September, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But one week to score a great invitation to visit out-of-town friends over Labor Day weekend—preferably friends with homes near a lake, an ocean, or some great mountains.

And once you've secured this invitation, you'll need a great gift to say, "Thanks for getting me out of the city, so I can enjoy your company and also have 'fun rural weekend' photos to show off like everyone else." The charming Home and Haven is ready, willing, and able to help you out.

Dreaming of lemonade, iced tea, or perhaps something stronger out on the front porch? Graceful glasses decorated with orange or white flowers, or white or green leaves, are $12 each. From Poland come lovely ceramics designed by Panek Tobin; Home and Haven is the only place in the city that carries them. With floral and abstract designs in many colors, and easy to mix and match, the pieces could be described as "elegantly trippy." Teapots are $55; vases start at $17; creamers are $25; mugs, bowls, platters, etc. are also available. Delicate Moroccan tea glasses are $12 each; they can indeed hold tea but are also great for juice or wine—or as candle votives.

Home and Haven is the first shop I've seen display bath products in an actual bathroom—a cute idea and a good marketing strategy, as towels seem to make more sense on a towel rack. And the bath products are great. Got Brooklynite friend who has transplanted? Eau de Brooklyn soap ($10.50) actually smells delicious, as does the perfume ($28). Monkey or Octopus hooks ($12 each) could work in the bedroom as well as the bathroom; and for the couple with a sense of humor, there are the Mr. and Mrs. Hangup hooks ($24 for a set of 2): The screws that serve as their eyes can be adjusted to reflect different moods!

If your hosts have little ones, there's a well-chosen kids' section here. Toy bears are $29 (in white, pink, or brown cotton); canvas nightlights are $19.50 (in the shape of a bee, a sheep, an owl, a truck, and more). There are also "kids'" tin watering cans in festive orange, raspberry, green, or blue that, in my opinion, could be happily be used by any age group (apparently I was enjoying the colors so much that I forgot to write the price); and "kids'" gardening tools (a set of 2 trowels and one hand rake is $12) that seem likewise flexible.

If your friends' little ones are of the furry variety, there are patterned and solid cat and dog bowls, from $26; and a bucket printed with "Good Dog" ($50) contains toys, blankets, and more.
For humans or for pets, gorgeous pillows start at $60.

One more question: What to wear? A cotton tunic is cool enough for hot days and stylish, too; the styles here, in black, pink, orange, and green, start at $40.

Believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg; come in to explore the stock and find the perfect gift. Then hurry to catch your train or bus, or to beat the traffic; and don't forget to take lots of pictures.
  - Pamela Grossman; Aug 31, 2009

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