Neighborhood: Chelsea
Type of Place: Men's Clothing

OK, fashionista guys out there: This one's for you. Why let clothes-hungry women have all the fun with fall styles? Knowing that some guys do love fashion design and do love to shop (just as--gasp!--it's true that not all women do), I explored the options at menswear store It NYC.

The shop's got a fun and party-like atmosphere to go with its you-don't-see-this-everywhere selection. ("We try to be unique," a shop assistant explained. "We choose things we think are especially catchy.") Upstairs, the displays are dedicated mostly to designs from the Efor line: I liked a pale-purple-and-brown-striped oxford shirt ($109); a polo shirt in black, white, or sky blue with a button front ($109); a classic knit wool zip-up sweater in ecru ($225); and, if you dare to sparkle a bit, a white satin button-down shirt with tiny rhinestones at the collar and cuffs ($125).

Downstairs, I found a great selection of 55 DSL shirts and jackets, some groovy t-shirts and even groovier sneakers, and--a-ha!--some fabulous sale racks. One notable on-sale find was a very handsome Emanuel Ungaro polo shirt in maroon--perfect to transition from summer to fall, and then perfect again when the weather warms up in spring.

As I bopped along through the racks, shaking my shoulders to the music while taking notes, I noticed also the male shoppers around me. Enthusiastic male shoppers. I knew they were out there; and now I know where some of them go for their clothing fixes. Dive in and take a look; vive le dude with shopping bags!   - Pamela Grossman; Oct 5, 2008

188 8th Avenue
(18th & 19th Sts)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 255-8030