Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Type of Place: Women's Clothing

I was drawn into Jazz (and schlepped in my friend Brian, who was with me) because it looked like a cute shop and it was having a 20% off sale on jackets that seemed promising. Inside, I found all kinds of appealing stuff; and when "Praise You" by Fat Boy Slim started playing over the sound system, soon after I began browsing, I felt I'd absolutely found a good place. I love that song and hadn't heard it in a while. Thanks, Jazz!

So, yes; if you're looking for a fall jacket, this is a place to check. The selection is creative, and the prices were reasonable even without the sale. In addition, there's a deal now offering a free hat or scarf with purchases of $100 or more.

But maybe you've also got Halloween on the brain. If so, I'm going to offer Halloween-costume ideas for some of the clothing I liked here. It's a practical way to go: Shop for something you'll actually wear, and get a costume, to boot!

A military-type jacket in grey, with frayed edges, from Fillmore (20% off $125, if I can read my own notes) will allow you to dress as any number of military figures and then have a cute jacket to wear through the fall. Purple jeans from Kill City ($78) could be paired with a purple top and a purple party hat—voila, you're a purple crayon. Beige jeans with bead-adorned pockets ($75) can be paired with a similarly shaded top and a colored cardboard circle around your face: You're a lollipop! (And the jeans will be more flattering than stark-lollipop-stick white would be.) A skinny grey vest from Batallion ($115) could let you be a "Sexy Secretary"; or, if you're feeling arty, attach floaty strips of cotton to the vest, grey pants, and your hair, and you're a cloudy sky.

Last, adorable tafetta minidresses from YA ($90), with tights and heels, make you "French Maid," "Show Girl," or "Who Cares What You Are—You Look Great!" I loved the black with blue lace (also useful for a witch costume), the teal, and the pink. And if these dresses look good on you, flaunt them; they'll see you through New Years, Valentine's Day, and cocktail parties galore.

Brian, who was less interested in adorable dresses than I, returned from his other-store browsings, and it was time to go; but I could have happily written up almost anything in this fun and chic spot. (The fedoras, for example, could be part of a Private Eye ensemble!) Bring your imagination here, and you'll be looking good on Halloween and beyond.
  - Pamela Grossman; Oct 28, 2009

132 North Fifth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-8338

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