Jimmy Choo

Neighborhood: East 50s
Type of Place: Shoes

Stilettos, platforms and flats oh my. Kick up your heels instead of clicking them together and any true shoe lover will feel as if she has entered a dream. The Jimmy Choo store a few steps from 5th Avenue conjures the feeling of stepping into a jewelry box filled with shoes. Diamonds used to be a girl's best friend, but who says you have to choose as jeweled shoes sparkle across the room. The nearly monochromatic boutique packs a lot of shoes and steep prices into a small space in Midtown. The attentive staff greeted me as I entered the foyer and a sales assistant on the floor inquired moments later if I needed any help. Jimmy Choo has become a major luxury brand since its conception in 1996. The brand now boasts more than 60 branded stores in top locations worldwide. I began to browse the simple displays and I was impressed with the collection. The decadent shoes and bags speak for themselves on the glass and cream-colored shelves beneath a majestic chandelier. The shoes are the main attraction and are grouped by color with a splash of some prints and patterns to reflect the season's trends. Dark deep leather seats adorn the room to accommodate those trying on a pair or several. Stairs leading to a small second level house the bridal, evening and house favorite collections. When you are looking to buy a great pair of shoes, but also make a fashion statement stop in Jimmy Choo. Your glass slippers may just be waiting for you, but note I didn't see any Princes hanging around.
  - Jennifer Voit

Jimmy Choo
645 Fifth Ave. (51st St)
New York, NY
(212) 593-0800

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