John DeSotelle Studio

John DeSotelle Studio


Type of Place: Theaters


The Studio was first imagined and expressly designed for the intimate training of the Sanford Meisner technique with the initial development of three separate classrooms. The two main studios (one furnished the other black box) are connected through a private door and actor prep area creating an offstage experience, allowing the actor to train with a real sense of what it will actually be like in a live stage setting. The third studio is our movement space with a solid oak sprung wood floor and floor to ceiling windows looking out over 8th Avenue. When a unique movable wall feature opens up between the Black Box and Movement Studios, the combined space reveals an intimate, professionally equipped theater - seating 50+ patrons. Recently, we added a small rehearsal/coaching room as well as a fourth classroom that is also a sound-proof media/vocal room ideal for film, voice and small musical settings. In addition, the Studio was created to reach beyond the actors training experience, to not only provide a variety of instructional opportunities and practical experience, but to ultimately foster a community of artists and professionals - a “home” for actors, writers, directors, etc. to further build and support the performing arts for its members, this Studio and beyond.

  - Lisa Anderson, March 18, 2015

John DeSotelle Studio
300 West 43rd Street
3rd floor – Studio 301
New York, NY 10036
(917) 775-0188