Jorge Isaac, Spring 2010

Jorge Isaac, Spring 2010

Photo: Pam Grossman

Type of Place: Designers

Arriving at the Jorge Isaac show on a sunny Sunday, my friend Tammy and I find a few things to be atypical right off the bat. First of all, we're greeted with a smile and a cheery wave at the door, rather than a stern look and a clipboard. This, I assure Tammy, almost never happens (I can think of a few other times when it has, but they've been rare enough to stand out in my memory). Furthermore, there are refreshments being served here: wine, soda, cookies, and even, model-diet gods help us, brownies. And most astonishing of all, people are eating them. Not even hiding them in napkins and taking furtive bites, but eating, front and center.

All these things—the friendliness, the food, the eating—are fashion-show trends I heartily support, and I eagerly anticipate the show as I chat with Tammy, munch on a brownie, and sip some wine. Isaac came to NYC from Ecuador in 1991 and has been showing his designs to enthusiastic New Yorkers since 2003. Asked after the show if this collection draws at all from his early Ecuadorian life, he laughingly said no: "We don't always need to go back to where we come from. We are living in New York!"

And the clothes shown here, indeed, were New York all over in their elegance and timeless style. The focus was on dressier looks: party dresses, shiny camisoles, and formal pants. Many pieces were in neutrals (good for day or evening events), but color was brought in toward the show's end: bottle green, bright coral. Sequins were featured, in smaller as well as larger, disc-like versions.

"This line is for a woman who's going somewhere special and wants to feel sexy," the designer told press after the show. "They're simple silhouettes, classic—anyone can wear them." Given the mini-ness of the dresses, it might help to regulate brownie intake in the days before you take them for a spin; but Isaac is right that women of many colorings, shapes, and sizes will find pieces here that work for them.

Check Google for Isaac's updated website (coming soon), and look for these pretty outfits in stores come mid-February/early March. Given the show's and the designer's fun and laid-back vibe, I'll certainly be keeping them on my radar.
  - Pamela Grossman, Sept 20, 2009

Jorge Isaac, Spring 2010
New York, NY