KD Dance

KD Dance

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Type of Place: Women's Clothing


In 1980, David Lee and Trisha Kate opened a dancewear shop in the East Village. This cozy store focused on one item that, rather surprisingly, would soon bust out of the dance studio to become an international symbol of 80s fashion: the legwarmer. Twenty-four years later, the shop is still around, the legwarmers are still in stock, and—80s styles having come roaring back into vogue—KD Dance is finding that its original product ($28 for a pair) is again a hot item.

Lee and Kate were both dancers themselves when they opened the shop, and they remained involved with dance for many years. Currently Lee oversees the store's designs, along with an assistant designer and input from the staff. And KD's offerings have expanded from dancewear- only to include casual knits, outerwear, and yogawear (of course!). The dance and yoga pieces remain basically consistent, while the fashion items changes from season to season. Charming hats ($70), scarves ($40-70), and gloves ($15) are handmade locally under the Saju label. A delicious hooded cashmere sweater is $112, while a wrap top ($58) and a fitted v-neck T ($52) are popular dance items in part because they look as great on the street with a skirt or slacks as they do under dance-class lights.

Last but certainly not least, bear in mind that KD is good for the local economy: All of the shop's fashion and dance designs are made right here, at a sweatshop-free facility in the Bronx. And that in itself is something to dance about.
  - Pam Grossman; 10/20/04

KD Dance
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