KahriAnne Kerr Show

KahriAnne Kerr Show

Photo: KahriAnne Kerr

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Just as I love one-of-a-kind shops and handmade items--in other words,
things you won't find just anywhere--I'm always interested in talented
but not-yet-famous designers. Their work isn't--yet--on the racks at
Bloomies, but when you see it, you know you've got something special.

So I was excited to receive a fashion-week invite to a show by newcomer
KahriAnne Kerr. Ms. Kerr hails from Tripoli, IA ("where fashion," she
states on her website, "is of little concern") and came to our city by
way of the legendary Fashion Institute of Technology. She's remarkably
wide-ranging and prolific, offering babywear, womenswear, men's shirts
and ties, t-shirts for kids, and some paintings for good measure. Her
work is fun and feisty; and it's made, she explains, "with love and
attitude by KahriAnne herself."

This show was for her women's Spring 2008 line. And I loved it; but
before I got to see it, I had to deal with the embarrassment of a rather
serious "wardrobe malfunction." No, I didn't pop out of anything å la
Janet Jackson; and Justin Timberlake was nowhere nearby. This was a
malfunction of the opposite type: I arrived in a demure checked blouse,
classic black slacks, and flats to find that the show was being held in a
nightclub--and that the space would be functioning as a club up to the
moment the show began (and again immediately after it ended). Bottom
line, I felt--and, I'm very sure, looked--like a den mother among club
cubs. The raciest, splashiest items in my wardrobe would not have been
out of place here; nor would my highest heels. Damn. But I forged ahead,
found a seat on a leather banquette, and waited for what KahriAnne
wanted to show us.

The first thing I noticed was the hair: Mohawked on top, ponytailed in
the back. Punky meets preppy on the same head! Cute idea.

If you're a 23 year old, have the body of one, or just have a really
positive body image, you'll love Kahri's bikini tops, short shorts,
halters, and sheer blouses. A black one-piece item that I think used to be
called a "playsuit" was way cute with a pink bow, while those who aren't
craving clingy will like the (short but loose) trapeze dresses. The
overall tone was feminine but edgy and sweet but not shy--the proverbial
kitten with a whip.

Though there were a few signs that Kerr is new at this--for instance,
on a few occasions the music stopped, which for a fashion show is a near
catastrophe--in the end the display was strong, and the line was a joy
of which Kerr should be proud. And hey--she got it together to begin
just about on time, while veteran Marc Jacobs, who showed the same
night, began a news-making 130 minutes late. Welcome to New York, Kahri.
We're glad you're here.

You can find KahriAnne's work at Annie O's, FIT Style Shop, Askew NYC,
and other outlets; check http://kahri.com for details.
  - Pamela Grossman; Sept 16, 2007

KahriAnne Kerr Show
Club Runway; Sept 10, 2007 11pm
New York, NY